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About us

What sets us apart

Experience and competence

A team with many years of experience with development of logistics software and individual software is looking forward to your requests! Contact us!

Adaptability and flexibility

Our professionally structured software modules provide us the opportunity to maximize flexibility! This flexibility and of course the possibility of individual programming we use to fulfill your individual needs and desires!

Consulting and professionalism

You don't yet know your exact requirements? We'll be happy to provide consulting. Together we define and document how your needed and customizedsoftware solution should look like.


The challenge of something special

Special and particularly complicated requirements challenge us especially! Special, for us so far new requirements, particularly challenge us, because we love the challenge! If everyone says it does not work, then do not tell us and ask for our opinion!
According to the motto:
"Everyone said, there is no way. Then came a man, who did not know that, and has made it easy."


Fenix = swedish for phoenix

Phoenix (mythology)

The phoenix - „The reborn/the newborn son“; it's a mythic bird, which burns or dies at the end of its life cycle, to get out of the decomposing body or made new again from its ashes.

This idea can be found today in the phrase „like a phoenix out of ashes“ for something, that was already lost, but reappears in new splendor.

The myth of the Phoenix became the symbol of considerations founding this company. It became main focus in the name and logo of the company. The phoenix remembers of a hard time in the past - The time of the symbolic ashes. He accompanies us with his growing splendor and beauty on the way to old and even greater strength.