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VDA 4902 DataMatrix extension

VDA 4902 label with datamatrix extension

Since 2012, the German Association of the Automotive Industry has extended the GLT label standard 4902. The extension includes a definition for the use of a 2D barcode (DataMatrix ECC200 codes) on the VDA 4902 label.

The DataMatrix Code ECC200 is characterized by high error redundancy and good data density. In order to further improve the processes in the automotive industry's supply chain and, in particular, to optimize incoming goods processes, the recommendation for VDA 4902 goods tags has been extended to include the printing of information in by DataMatrix code.

The definition of the structure of the 2D barcode (DataMatrix Code) is valid for both types of the VDA 4902 label (DIN A5 format and the smaller format for the KLT boxes).

According to VDA 4902 definition the DataMatrix code is printed in the field, which also contains the customer part number information and is printed on the right side. If necessary, the symbol for a safety-relevant part is moved slightly to the left.

The DataMatrix code contains all information of the VDA label. The fields which are otherwise only printed in plain text on the VDA 4902 label are also printed in the DataMatrix code. This informations such as the two weights, the change status or the number of packages cannot be read automatically by scanner with a Standard VDA 4902 label without the DataMatrix code extension.

Although the VDA definition of the VDA 4902 standard has already been replaced by the newer VDA 4994 standard, the VDA 4902 standard is still much more widespread due to the software, adapted to the barcodes of this label. The structure of the DataMatrix code of the VDA 4902 label corresponds essentially to the structure of the DataMatrix code of the VDA 4994 label.

The main area of usage for VDA labels is still the automotive industry, which originally defined the standard itself via the Association of the Automotive Industry. However, due to the well-defined standard and the correspondingly widespread software, the VDA 4902 labels are now also being used more and more frequently in other sectors of the industry.

If the software used is adapted for this DataMatrix code, data input is considerably easier compared to the classic VDA 4902 label with Code 39 barcodes, because all data can be captured with only one scan of the 2D barcode (DataMatrix Code).

Example: VDA 4902 label with datamatrix code
Example: VDA 4902 label with datamatrix code