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Industry software

Development of industry software and special software

With the development of special software and industry software we mean an order programming of individual software according to the definitions of our customers. Projects for individual programming of special software usually start with a detailed specification phase. The requirements for the special software are discussed in detail and written down in the requirement specifications.

If a specialist knowledge is required for the development of special software, for example a complicated calculation, the method to be used must be explained and described by the customer in the specification phase. It will be written down to the requirement specification too.

Based on the requirement specification the development of the special software finally starts. Depending on the amount of individual programming, also intermediate tests of individual application subsystems are planned and done. At the end of the project of the development of special software, a detailed test phase is scheduled. The result is a reliable software that is optimally prepared for use, in the company of our customer.

Employees with experience in the development of the following systems

  • ⋄ Warehouse management software (WMS)
  • ⋄ Interfaces to different ERP systems
  • ⋄ Material flow software (MFS)
  • ⋄ Connection of conveyor technology and Storage and retrieval maschine PLCs from different manufacturers
  • ⋄ Visualizations
  • ⋄ TCP/IP interfaces
  • ⋄ Serial interfaces RS232/RS485
  • ⋄ File interfaces
  • ⋄ Database interfaces
  • ⋄ ERP systems
  • ⋄ Data Collection systems
  • ⋄ Label printing systems
  • ⋄ Interface to ABB robot

Our technical experience and knowledge

  • ⋄ Visual Basic.Net framework
  • ⋄ Visual Basic 6
  • ⋄ TCP/IP
  • ⋄ RS232/RS485
  • ⋄ Oracle Database
  • ⋄ Microsoft SQL Server database
  • ⋄ mySQL database
  • ⋄ Microsoft Access database
  • ⋄ Microsoft Word, Excel
  • ⋄ Interface optimization of ABB Rapid code

Professional Development of special software and industry software to customer needs