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Logistic software

Development of logistics software, respectively adjustment to customer needs

My-Fenix-Software GmbH possesses vast Know How in the field of the development of logistics software.

Our Forklift Control System: my-Fenix-Forklift Control System

In our product portfolio, we offer in the field of logistics software a complex Forklift Control System for the intelligent management of the forklifts in your factory or in individual hangars. Management and optimization of transports across plants is also possible. Along with normal forklifts and other transport vehicles, my-Fenix-Forklift Control System also provides the possibility to regulate tugger trains and systems with changeable trailers. Transport assignments can be collected and worked out in a centralized way. As a valuable logistics software, the Forklift Control System offers, of course, the possibility to link Interfaces to other systems like the ERP-System SAP.

Inventory management, stock accounting, warehouse management software: my-Fenix warehouse management software


Our warehouse management software is available in different packages with a wide range of functions. The possibilities range from very simple warehouse accounting to the operation and control of a large warehouse. Customization is also possible, as with all members of our logistics software portfolio.
. Visit for details: my warehouse management software.

Industry warehouse software: KAROSTORE - your body and paint warehouse

In the beginning, there was an industry-specific customization to our warehouse management software. In the meantime, through many adaptations, a very special industry software for the area of warehouse management software for the industry of body and paint shops has been created.
In the software, warehouse-specific minimum stock levels can be defined per article. Each article is sourced from one supplier. If the minimum stock levels in the warehouse are fallen short of, automatic orders are sent to the suppliers by mail, depending on the order schedule. In this way, the stock level is automatically controlled by the system.
. Visit for details: KAROSTORE - Your Body and Paint Store.

Our software solution for printing labels according to different VDA standards (like 4902, 4994, 4992)

As a further member of the logistics software family, my-Fenix-Software GmbH offers a platform for the generation of VDA labels. Classic VDA labels can be generated according to the VDA 4902 standard. Of course, different sizes of the label are supported. Also the VDA 4994 labels, intended as successor of the VDA 4902 label, can be generated with customer data. There is also a solution for the MAT label according to the VDA 4992 standard.
The users of our free platform can enter the data to be printed on the VDA label in a form. A button on this logistics software then generates the VDA label as a PDF file for download. In the paid version of the software, various data can be entered as master data. Then, for example, only the correct article must be selected for printing. The other data is taken from the master data.
In general, our logistics software solutions for printing VDA labels offers different variants for the VDA labels to be generated. As a first variant, for example, the standard Din A5 VDA label can be generated and downloaded. Our logistics software also offers the option of generating the smaller VDA labels for small load carriers (KLT boxes).

More experiences related to the development and adaptation of the logistics software

Our colleagues possess vast experience and relevant Know How for the development of the most different logistics software. This knowledge has been acquired in most of the cases from other companies. We don’t have a finished software for each and every Know How field right at this moment, but we are happy to be able to count this particular Know How as one of our competences.

We have vast experience in the completion of projects implementating warehouse management software. Really different versions of warehouse management software were created, partly in combination with a material flow system, which were successfully provided to the customers. Furthermore, also separate material flow calculator systems were created. This logistics software broadens our Know How portfolio with vast knowledge from the field of material flow organization. In these software projects, many interfaces to other systems of quite different types were implemented.

These interface solutions were, among others, successfully implemented:

  • ⋄ ERP and production planning systems made by different manufacturers
  • ⋄ client created host-systems
  • ⋄ different PLC sysstems made by different manufacturers
  • ⋄ other technical facilities, e.g. Lift-Systems
  • ⋄ automatic labeling systems, winders, turning stations and scanners
  • ⋄ delivery systems

In connection with clients from the field of logistics in the automobile branch, we also arrived at the development of another member of our logistics software palette. A JIS-System was developed – a piece of software for the completion and management of Just in Sequence processes. This logistics software was been developed in close collaboration with clients from different places inland and abroad. Through the work on these projects, it was possible for our colleagues to build specific Know How.

All in all, we are proud of our broad knowledge in different fields of the logistics software and we are happy to receive assignments from any kind of clients – also for the development of new logistics software or another type of software, which is not mentioned here. Do you have questions, wishes or ideas for the development of logistics software or another kind of software? Contact us today!

Professional development and adaptation of logistics software to customer specification