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Individual software

Individual software: Software development individually for our customers

In our business line individual software we fully address ourselves to our clients needs.

Process of realizing an individual software project

Usually, the following steps lead to an successfully realized individual software project:

  • ⋄ Basic concept phase for defining roughly the tasks of a planned individual software (including a short preliminary specification sheet)
  • ⋄ Tender preparation based on the specification sheet, including a rough description of the individual software planned
  • ⋄ Fine concept phase with a detailed definition of all program modules to be developed (including complete specification sheet)
  • ⋄ Development phase
  • ⋄ Internal testing
  • ⋄ Intensive test phase together with our client
  • ⋄ Introduction and commissioning

In close cooperation with the customer, we develop specifications that define the concrete basic conditions. A specification sheet defining detailed conditions serves as a service description, supporting all partners throughout the project phases right to the successful approval process. For acceptance/approval, all details are checked via comparison with the specification sheet. For larger projects, the final acceptance can be divided into several partial acceptance steps, for example, when a number of funcion modules are being realized.

Scope of services

As a customer at my-Fenix-Software, you define the scope of services of your individual software. Guided by us, you define functions and modules of your individual software, you define interfaces, the overall structure or techniques applied.

The technical implementation

There are very different ways for the technical implementation of your custom software. You determine whether a classic Windows application should be developed or your custom software should run as a web application on a web server or on your intranet servers. We are happy to show you examples of the different technical solutions and advise you in detail in the selection of different options.
Our technical experience and knowledge:

  • ⋄ Visual Basic.Net Framework
  • ⋄ Visual Basic 6
  • ⋄ TCP/IP communikations
  • ⋄ RS232/RS485 communikations
  • ⋄ FTP file transfer
  • ⋄ Interfaces through CSV files
  • ⋄ Oracle Database
  • ⋄ Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • ⋄ mySQL Database
  • ⋄ Microsoft Access database
  • ⋄ Microsoft Word, Excel
  • ⋄ Interface optimization of ABB Rapid Code

Experiences in different fields of software development

The staff at my-Fenix software have very different skills in completly different areas of software development. The skills range from the development of logistical applications such as

  • ⋄ Warehouse Management Software
  • ⋄ Interfaces to different ERP systems by multiple vendors
  • ⋄ Material flow system

  • ⋄ Related interfaces to various controls of conveyor systems and bay storage devices
  • ⋄ Applications for Just-in-Sequence (JIS) processing by suppliers of the automotive industry incl. EDI interfaces

various types of visualizations, and interfaces between systems of all kinds, up to Enterprise resource planning system (ERP), operation data acquisition and labeling and printing systems. This good balance of different skills gives my-Fenix software a good basis for projects for the development of custom software of all kinds. Our employees have good logical thinking and a quick mind. So a familiarization to your specific topics of your future custom software is very quickly and easily possible. Trust in my-Fenix software, to develop your personal custom software. We will not disappoint!

Contact my-Fenix-Software with your ideas, needs and demands on your individual software. We would be happy make an appointment for a obligation consultation or meeting you. See for yourself about my-Fenix software, our expertise and our solution-oriented approach in projects for the development of custom software.

We are looking forward to your inquiry! Contact us today!

Professional Development of individual software according to the requirements and needs of our customers